Single :: Catapult by C.Duenas

This was a serie of 3 singles I did for C.Duenas a singer from Philippines.

For be true this was the last one I did but the simplicity and the visual impact that causes I want display it here. The only directions give was that he want something more abstract and with darker colours.

Soon available on all stream platforms.

Single :: Let 'Em Talk by Lexi Street

Lexi is from the get down & Deep South, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She make music that will make you want get up so you can go get a drink, sit back down to relax with a bourbon in your hand (take from

Lexi ask me to use a draw that her son did when was 3 years old and make it the cover of her new single. I try create unique and meaningful pieces but this one make it more special. Thanks Lexi for let me do this!

Single :: It didn't take her long by Shane Hagan

Shane is a New York City musician that found my work and ask me to make artwork for his next single. He come with a few ideas but after we talk he was happy to gave me complete freedom for creation.

I want to create a figure with flowing pieces to bring the idea that “someone is losing his mind” and “losing himself” like a broken piece. 

Single :: Matemática by Firgun

“Matemática” is a single by the Portuguese singer Firgun. 

I was able to be complete creative for this cover. There wasn’t any guidelines by the artist. I want to represent the strict of the mathematic combine with the geometric of it. And bring all of it to the female figure well represented in the lyrics of the song.

Single :: Be Home by Nick Smith

This art cover is just a concept.

I want create something different from my usual work and decide work in a concept I had in my head. In that note Nick Smith appear with the song “Be Home”.

Single :: Pick Up the Phone by New Dawn

This was a proposal for another project that didn’t pass. But I think is such a different style and cool idea that once again I create a fictional band and song to use it!

I mix different techniques, collages with some drawing and photo editing.

Single :: Rose Dream by Pitch Pink

Another cover that didn’t make it to the final product. But show again a different skill. Not forget that band and song is all fictional.

A mix of photomontage with digital draw.